kr-cvr_72A classic LP by an early 1980s Austin, TX band. There’s roughly 200 original, unopened 12″ vinyl copies.
Kamikaze Refrigerators and The Big Boys were offshoots of Tim Kerr’s Court Reporters.

Direct, online purchase soon available.

$24.99 LP
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remov_isms“Removals, Other Isms…,” — A 10″ vinyl EP released in 1996 that also exists in CD format. This collection comprised outtakes from the Spot Removal album sessions; a band that broke up leaving the project unreleased.

$4.99 CD
$9.99 vinyl EP
$10.99 EP & .mp3







spot_sgl“Yo! Marry Me!”/”Caca Boudin Popo Pipi” — A 7″ single from 1992, back when traditional Irish reels and got bounced against  improper walls and floppy fandangos.

$4.99 7″ vinyl








unhalf“Unhalfbaking” — A full album, this CD was released in 2001 on the no longer active Upland label (Ft. Collins, CO; run by Joe Carducci and members of ALL). Songs and tunes from traditional categories that confused a lot of post-90s rockers who liked it anyway. Download versions may also be in the works.







spot_nae“Nae Plumb Nor Square” — A CD released in 2005. There’s a variety of material here from live, demo, studio, etc, that’s maybe the most “non-genre” collection of the bunch with guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddola, bouzouki, bamdo, some vocals all determined through electric and acoustic approaches.