Anti-Punk Rock — A History

$28.00 — free shipping to lower 48 states (If outside of the USA please contact before ordering) This is a limited edition (300), signed, 8.5×11, 48-page, matte-finished publication. SPOT’s precursor to the original text-based book he was writing before Sounds … Continued

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Book Cover Photo

2 currently in stock via this site. There will be different versions of this image at Spot’s LA art show opening April 21 @ Cornelius Projects (where prices may be a bit higher). “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening” is SPOT’s … Continued

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Kamikaze Refrigerators LP + mp3

Vinyl LP plus mp3 download for $24.99 — free shipping within lower 48 states

(priority mail or shipping outside of the US will cost more; please contact for price before ordering)   "Happy Thoughts" is a fine, classic LP by an early 1980s Austin, TX band. Their only official release, it was mostly ignored by "hardcore hipsters." Kamikaze Refrigerators and The Big Boys were close offshoots of Tim Kerr's original band, Court Reporters. Check it out on the original YouTube promo video. Not a reissue. This is the original 1987 KDisc/Rainbo pressing. It sold fairly well at the time it was released some 30 years ago. I have at least 120 perfect, unopened 12" vinyl copies left in stock. Cover art by Frank Kozik. Some vinyl lovers don't care about having digital copies of their records but you get a 320kbps mp3 with this one, like it or not. You can always throw it away. [playlist ids="480,481,482,483,484,485,486,487"]
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SoTEO Book

The last new copy I had is now gone. The rest were sold at personal appearances or through local stores. Sinecure still has copies of the “deluxe version” available on their website. This one goes for $39.99 + postage. SOLD; … Continued

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