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Removals…, Other Isms (cd or vinyl)


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Released in 1996, this is a collection of outtakes and demos from the Spot Removal album sessions. A trio, the band broke up at a crucial time leaving the project unreleased. With no live performances to promote it, the album was doomed to fail. Still, I felt the need to release something, somehow.

You are purchasing a CD ($5.99) or 10″ vinyl EP ($11.99) and full mp3 file.

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5.99 CD; 11.99 vinyl
either version includes mp3 file and free shipping to lower 48 states

(If outside the USA please contact before ordering)

SPOT REMOVAL was a band that existed from 1991 through 1993 with myself, Julia Austin and Dave Cameron.
The best description of the trio lies within the EP’s printed insert:

“They played stodgy punk rock dives as well as stodgy singer/songwriter dives and even had some of their tapes played on stodgy jazz radio <<diving into the overnight of internet surfriders’ soundtracks>> shows.”

We recorded a full studio album and, right when things were popping in the right direction, the band broke up. Kinda heartbreaking, but that happened a lot in the Austin, TX music scene. The same thing probably happened in other music cities too. It left the project unreleased, and there was no point in trying to promote a non-existing band.

“Removals…, Other Isms” consists of outtakes from the album sessions and demos.

$5.99 CD/$11.99 vinyl (includes full mp3)

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