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Anti-Punk Rock — A History



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This is a limited edition (300), PERSONALLY SIGNED, 8.5×11, 48-page, matte-finished publication.
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SPOT’s precursor to the original text-based book he was writing before Sounds of Two Eyes Opening became a reality. As a follow up to that grand imagery fest, this one’s about “…all the Punky Rocky things that most people thought were an approved ‘media-determined’ thing when it was really a whole other thing.”

His life consisted of stuff that “…(wasn’t) considered worthy after the Hollywood version took hold an’ das culturistas decided things was all Kissy, Ramoney, Sexy Pistoly and Patty Smithy defined… …jus’ like the hippie gens was still convinced Elvis-o and Beatle-o were the only two words that used those letters.”

In a social-mediumed, faux nostalgia world, most don’t recognize a culture’s true history. SPOT didn’t just have the photos—he had (and in some cases still has) the tapes, the stampers, master lacquers, and, of course, he was actually there doing the things most people can now only dream about. There’s a huge difference between experience and conceived speculations.

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