Making the world safe for scourges, humanity and other replicants

NO AUDITIONS—since 2016, a personal online store from which to sell/share the great, proverbial "mersh."
I sell whatever the hell may have been or may now be. Kinda like life.


Currently available:

"Anti-Punk Rock — A History"  Limited edition (300) publication released December 1, 2017
as a precursor to a larger photo/text based project; maybe 50 copies left.

"Nae Plumb Nor Square"— My 2005 tour CD

"Happy Thoughts" — Kamikaze Refrigerators LP

Decline-Fall-Relativity! — T-Shirt

"Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening" — Photo book

Print Collection — Inquire

Posted prices include shipping within lower 48 states.
Buyers outside of Continental US should inquire about shipping costs before ordering.
NOTE: I'm one person running a small operation.
"Instant" shipping times are not always possible.

Update (9-1-22):

It's been awhile since I've managed this site due to life's ongoing curve balls and side swerves.
Sales have been respectable, and more physical products should be added. Keep an eye out.

A few orders failed recently due to certain software functions not being set up properly.
Yes, it's true—I can occasionally be a computer/internet dummy. I apologize for that.
Things seem to be fixed now.

Also, my attempt at controlling audio downloads didn't go well, so I've pulled that from the process.
Digital files will be available through another platform for which I'll provide a healthy link.
Some things are best to let other people handle. Nuff said? Nuff said.

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“You must remember this:

James Joyce uttered more malarkey than is sane to mention, Joseph Heller played a little pool,
John Steinbeck invented the beer milk shake, and no one knows how long Mary Shelley looked in the mirror
before she created a monster and pushed it onto the playground.”

Stay tuned…