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No Auditions has been an active e-commerce site since December, 2016;
a personal online store from which to sell/share the great, proverbial "mersh."
In other words, I sell whatever the hell may have been or may now be. Kinda like life.


The last personal copy of my book "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening" and the first run of the
large cover photo prints have been sold BUT (as of 12-11-17) new prints have been available.
Please check in the store for specific information.

Newest item is the limited edition publication "Anti-Punk Rock — A History"

The Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP + mp3 download is active, selling stock . Please check it out.

Posted prices include shipping within lower 48 states.
Outside buyers are encouraged to inquire about shipping costs before ordering.

Audio downloads, book and publishing projects are simmering on the back burners.
I have to take my time to do things right. What else is there?

Please understand that I'm one person running a small operation.
"Fast" inventory and "instant" shipping times are usually not possible.


Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP

12-11-17 / TODAY'S UPDATE:
"Anti-Punk Rock — A History"
$28.00 (sorry, no more pre-orders)

Large prints of "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening" cover photo available.

Early 2018: 2 SPOT recordings —
“Unhalfbaking”; album released on Joe Carducci’s and Bill Stevenson’s Upland label back in 2000.
"Removals..., Other Isms"; 10" vinyl EP released in 1996.