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No Auditions has been an active e-commerce site since December, 2016;
a personal online store from which to sell/share the great, proverbial "mersh."
In other words, I sell whatever the hell may have been or may now be. Kinda like life.
My old DIY frustrations have been soothed by efficient software programs. Yeehaw...


As of 10-6-2017, the last personal copy of my book "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening" and the first run of the
large cover photo prints have been sold BUT (as of 11-1-17) a few new prints will soon be available.
Please check in the store for specific information.

Newest item is the limited edition publication "Anti-Punk Rock — A History"

The Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP + mp3 download is active, selling stock . Please check it out.

Audio downloads, book and publishing projects are simmering on the back burners.
I have to take my time to do things right. What else is there?

Please understand that I'm one person running a small operation.
"Fast" inventory and "instant" shipping times are usually not possible.


Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP

12-11-17 / TODAY'S UPDATE:
"Anti-Punk Rock — A History"
$28.00 (sorry, no more pre-orders)

Large prints of "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening" cover photo available.

Early 2018: 2 SPOT recordings —
“Unhalfbaking”; album released on Joe Carducci’s and Bill Stevenson’s Upland label back in 2000.
"Removals..., Other Isms"; 10" vinyl EP released in 1996.