Making the world safe for scourges, humanity and other replicants

No Auditions has been an active e-commerce site since December, 2016.
It is now a viable, personal site from which to sell/share the great, proverbial "mersh."
In other words, whatever the hell that might have been or may now be. Kinda like life.
My old DIY frustrations have been soothed by efficient software programs. Yeehaw...


Currently, there's one large photo print, the last personal copy of my book "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening,"
and the Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP + mp3 download in the store. Please check them out.
More things are climbing up the "upcoming" list. Quality printing sources for photos are still undetermined.
Due to my location, high quality image printing has been a tough nut to crack. Please stand by...
Audio downloads, book and publishing projects are simmering on the back burners.
In short, I've been taking my time in an attempt to do everything right. Who'da thunk it?

Finally, I'm one person running a small operation.
Please be aware that "instant" shipping times may not always be possible.


Kamikaze Refrigerators vinyl LP
Next up: SPOT "Unhalfbaking" — album released on Joe Carducci's and Bill Stevenson's Upland label back in 2000.